• Joseph Parker Leavitt (1830-1883; 3 Moses-7 lines) researches and contacts living Leavitt’s for their memories of their ancestors.

  • Emily Leavitt Noyes (1881-1961; Moses-8 & Thomas-9 lines) builds on Joseph Parker Leavitt's findings, continues the Leavitt family research and founds the National Association of Leavitt Families [NALF] in 1934.  She publishes 5 branches of Leavitt books from 1941 to 1955.

  • NALF remains active through 1969, when it stopped having regular meetings and reunions.

  • 1982: Julia Bumpus Berndt (Israel-11 line) finishes compiling the sixth volume, Nehemiah, from Emily’s notes and new research, and begins the rejuvenation of the NALF along with other former officers.

  • July 1983: First issue of the NALF Newsletter announcing the reactivation of the National Association of Leavitt Families with a Reunion in Hingham, 111 present.  Dues established at $5/year.  Winston Leavitt, our most recent past Newsletter editor, was there.  Newsletter mentions that he was also a past President of the Association.

  • July 1983-1993: Julie Berndt and Mary Elvira Spinney (joined 1959) are Newsletter editors for these years; hard to tell from the Newsletter exactly who was editor which years. Some newsletters were only one page. 

  • June 1986: Reunion membership votes to raise dues to $10.  2010: STILL $10!

  • Presidents 1983 - 2008: Robert Leavitt of Marshfield, MA; 1986 Phyllis Perry of East Weymouth, MA; 1988 Natalie Johnson of Kennebunkport, ME; 1991 Celia Kahlberg of Arlington, MA; 1993 Edwin Leavitt of Groveland, MA; 1995 Wayne Elliott of North Hampton, NH; 1997 Jonathan Leavitt of Exeter, NH; 2001 Warren Leavitt of Hampton, NH; 2003 Frances Woodin of Litchfield, NH; 2005 Roland Rhoades of Gorham, ME, .

  • 1990 & 1997: NALF publishes updates to all six branches.

  • Julie Berndt and others had been the official Genealogists.  Natalie Johnson is Association Genealogist 1993-1995, succeeded by Bill Cain 1995-2003.

  • 1992: Secretary Ken Leavitt of Cornish ME says we MUST computerize our records in order to keep track of them all and starts this process with his Roots program.

  • 1993- 2008: Winston Leavitt is Newsletter editor.

  • 1998- present:  Richard H. Leavitt is Treasurer.

  • Nov 1997: NALF gets its first website, thanks to Ralph Goodwin Leavitt of New Orleans.

  • 1997: Sixth Generation Moses members form the Western Association of Leavitt Families [WALF].

  • August 2000: Lori Schrepfer becomes webmaster, creating a new site, and our domain name is registered and listed in search engines.

  • 2003 -2005: Ray Thomas becomes Genealogist, serving through Summer of 2009.  While other genealogists had begun the computerization of our records, he begins a wholesale computerization to accommodate indexing and standard genealogy format for our books.  Steve Dow and Roland Rhoades become active in intensive Leavitt family research, creating a Research Team.  Roland begins a Leavitt E-Newsletter for updates and contact with non-members in 2005.  Valerie LaRobardier soon joins the team, as does Sara Leavitt Goldberg who takes up the task of transcribing microfilm of Joseph Parker Leavitt’s notes (see above).

  • Jan. 2006:  Val LaRobardier, Leavitt researcher and genealogist, is new Webmaster and creates new website.
  • 2006: At the reunion in Charlemont, for the first time ever, former Scholarship recipient Jim McNalley returned to socialize with us and sing for us.  Bill Cain, former Genealogist for the Association, dies at age 74.

  • 2007: Roland Rhoades agrees to serve again as President, Sara Leavitt Goldberg becomes Archivist, and Steve Dow becomes Historian, a position that had not had an active researcher in some years.  At the reunion in Exeter Win Leavitt was presented with a certificate and life membership in recognition of his many years of service.

  • 2008: NALF celebrated Deacon John Leavitt’s 400th birthday with a multi-day reunion in Hingham.  Win Leavitt closes his run as Newsletter Editor with the November issue by summarizing each of the past fifteen years’ NALF events.  Julia Bumpus Berndt, the second most important person to our organization after Emily Noyes, died June 13, 2008 in Poland, Maine, after a long illness.

  • 2009: We celebrate the 75th anniversary of NALF at Old Sturbridge Village.  John Steven Dow becomes President, while retaining the Historian office.  Steve had revealed in February that we had all been calling him by his first name, John, for years whereas he prefers his middle name; at the reunion we all manage to call him Steve. The VP seat is vacant.  Ray Thomas passes the Genealogist torch to exiting President Roland Rhoades.  Genevieve Leavitt joins the Board as Trustee and Josiah researcher.  The Newsletter gets a new editor, Valerie LaRobardier, who renames it “Leavitt Leaves”.

  • 2010: The beat goes on.  Come join the parade!

The National Association of Leavitt Families is a genealogical organization originally organized on June 14, 1934 through the combined efforts of Emily Leavitt Noyes, Dr. Mary Leavitt of Boston and John S. Leavitt of Dorchester, Mass. Emily Leavitt Noyes was an award winning genealogist who lived much of her life in Tilton, N.H., and was a descendant of both John (Moses 8) and Thomas (Hezron 9) Leavitt.
Emily was born on July 12, 1881 in Melbourne, Quebec. She married Herbert M. Noyes on January 10, 1903. He was an operator in the Public Service Company’s plant in East Tilton, NH. For 24 years they owned and operated a poultry farm, Silver Lake Farm in Tilton. They sold the farm in 1938 and built a new house on part of the estate. Emily attended Tilton Seminary, and taught stenography while a student. She was active in the D.A.R. and the Grange and won several prizes in literary work including the Eugene Field Society award for an outstanding non-fiction work of the year for Volume 1 of her Leavitt genealogies. This award entitled her to membership in the National Association of Authors and Journalists. Emily and Herbert had three children; Hilton, Elva and Henry. 
Volume 1 of her Leavitt genealogies "Descendants of John, the Immigrant Through His Son Moses" was published in 1941, followed by the Israel book in 1948 and the Josiah book in 1949. Volume 4, "Descendants of Thomas Leavitt, the Immigrant", was published in 1953, and Volume 5, the Samuel book, in 1955. Mrs. Noyes died in 1961 leaving the manuscript for Volume 6, the Nehemiah book. In 1982 Emily's Nehemiah material, supplemented by additional data acquired from 1960-1982, was organized and published by Julia Bumpus Berndt for the Association.
The six genealogies compiled by this outstanding author, Emily Leavitt Noyes, are the foundation upon which our organization rests.  In keeping with this heritage, the current NALF organization seeks to preserve and build on this legacy by continuing genealogical research to expand and update the genealogies compiled by Emily Leavitt Noyes.
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